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Active Sky Next Service Pack 4.1 Released On Steam Gse_multipart13851

Active Sky Next Service Pack 4.1 Released On Steam

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Active Sky Next Service Pack 4.1 Released On Steam Empty Active Sky Next Service Pack 4.1 Released On Steam

Mensagem por xitus Qui 03 Mar 2016, 09:08

Active Sky Next Service Pack 4.1 Released On Steam
Great news, virtual pilots! Active Sky Next: Steam Edition has been updated to SP 4.1 (including SP 4.0). The approximate size of this update is 207.7KB

Complete change log is as follows:

Service Pack 4.1:
– Fixed issue with certain conditions causing severe icing when not intended
– Fixed issue relating to FZFG or FZBR (freezing fog or mist) incorrectly causing freezing rain depiction and associated icing
– Reduced icing rates in snow precipitation conditions

Service Pack 4.0:
– Fixed issue with date handling when loading saved weather file
– Fixed issue related to BR, FG plus RA or SN in a METAR resulting in no precipitation
– Icing depiction adjustments for more consistent and expected results both in and below clouds (i.e. freezing rain)
– Fixed an issue regarding surface temperature interpolation
– Additional RVR/Runway Conditions handling adjustment
– Fixed issue regarding 9999+ meters decoding when vis close to threshold (5.6SM)
– Fixed issue with radar API leading to excessive intensity levels in lighter rain for areas close to the aircraft
– Adjusted “Ambients error” message to be more accurate, descriptive and refer to a special URL (www.hifisimtech.com/ambients-error) which goes directly to our knowledgebase article
– Adjusted documentation regarding ambients error and SimConnect and networked configurations
– Fixed issue with METAR visibility parsing related to RVR and “Runway Conditions” elements being mis-identified, resulting in improper visibility

If you have any questions, please contact our support team at dovetailgames.kayako.com

Happy flying!

-FSX: Steam Edition team

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