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Atualização para o Active Sky Next SP1 liberada Gse_multipart13851

Atualização para o Active Sky Next SP1 liberada

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Atualização para o Active Sky Next SP1 liberada Empty Atualização para o Active Sky Next SP1 liberada

Mensagem por Fontenele Qui 09 Out 2014, 07:25

Bom dia a todos,

Recebi hoje a informação que a versão final do Active Sky Nexy SP1 foi liberada, portanto, aos amigos que possuem este excepcional software, que nem eu, podem fazer a atualização.

As novidades (em inglês):

Higher Performance New cloud depiction techniques, new storm depiction variations, and improved smooth theme reloading brings new levels of performance with reduced cloud-drawing overhead

Increase Data Resolution and Coverage Enhanced global gridded weather data synthesis provides new kinds of data and over 10 times the previous resolution, offering much improved realism and coverage for all kinds of conditions in all areas, regardless of availability of METAR reports

Improved Oceanic and Sparse-Coverage Weather Accuracy and Variation
Utilizing the new data resolution and coverage, oceanic and sparse-coverage flights now include realistic weather conditions and cloud coverage that does not rely solely on interpolation

New Overcast Pattern Fix Overcast stratus cloud layers in FSX are no longer subject to ugly and obvious rectangular patterns during dawn and dusk lighting scenarios when using the new Overcast Pattern Fix, part of the new Visual Fix options

Improved cloud-based effects
A new local cloud detection process greatly improves the synchronization of cloud-based effects including visibility reduction and turbulence

New in-sim Weather Request Menu Receive weather updates for local area, flight-plan stations, and winds aloft via an integrated SimConnect text menu that can be used directly within the simulator

New Prepar3D-based Enhancements
ASN for P3D is now compatible with P3D v2.4 and includes additional performance tuning specific to P3D

New Dynamic Positional Variation for Sigmets and Airmets Airmets and Sigmets are now fully dynamic and provide variable conditions simulation for turbulence and icing in addition to convective activity

Improved Stability
New installation and configuration routines provide a smoother user experience

Dozens of additional features, enhancements and fixes (see below for changelog!)

Active Sky Next is a full-featured weather simulation engine from HiFi Technologies that incorporates unique high-fidelity features including realistic radar, smooth weather changes, cloud-synchronized ambient effects, microbursts, wind shear, wake turbulence, vertical air simulation, terrain-based draft effects, third-party integration, high-resolution weather data, historical data access and much, much more.

Download SP1 now from our downloads page.

Want to try ASN SP1? Even if you've tried ASN before, we are resetting all trial licenses for SP1. Try ASN SP1 (fully functional) FREE for 7 days!

Changelog Excerpt (for more details visit www.hifitechinc.com)

ASN for FSX SP1:

NEW Additions:
- New integrated extended grid weather data system, with global weather data at a minimum resolution of 2x2 Lat/Lon (~120nm), with winds/temps aloft (including surface and aloft up to FL560), cloud cover, precipitation and humidity. This extended grid data is incorporated into all aspects of ASN to provide more accurate and realistic conditions especially in sparse-coverage areas with little to no METAR reporting stations.
- Historical Airmets and Sigmets and Historical extended grid data (starting 6/15/2014).
- New Archival processes to properly place METAR reports at their appropriate archived cycle hour regardless of when the METAR report is made or the archival process archives it (i.e. 23:22Z report will always be in the 23Z cycle).
- New in-cloud ambient visibility reduction system for better synchronization to all types of clouds and faster, more dynamic adjustments.
- New "Suppress Local Weather Changes" feature/option which prevents changes within visual range of the aircraft (when airborne), disables smooth theme reloads, and results in a significant performance improvement during wx updates in complex weather. When enabled, the weather updates instantly and a brief "flash" of the upper sky may be noticed. The weather will be updated outside of the visual area so as you fly weather will be appropriately updated. When flying "locally" without leaving the area, we recommend disabling this feature to provide appropriate weather updates.
- Added new date/timestamp which is stored in user-saved weather files, to eliminate problems when user changed file name manually. User can now specify a custom name of saved weather files.
- New all-cloud turbulence simulation, which provides turbulence in all kinds of clouds - not only clouds with precipitation.
- New performance improvements throughout, to improve FPS in more complex weather environments including overcast, thunderstorms, hurricanes, especially during smooth theme reloads.
- New thunderstorm depiction which respects METAR-specified base-cloud coverage and altitudes.
- New in-sim Wx Request Menu to fetch weather reports at any time from current, closest, departure, destination or alternate airports. Also includes winds aloft report. Use with Add-ons/ASN Weather Request menu option, or press CTRL+F11 to bring up the menu.
- New ASConnect installation procedure which uses a separate install .exe that runs on the server machine (in case of networked configuration) or on the local machine (in normal installations). This should prevent security/AV issues which may cause "unable to control ambients" issues.
- New streamlined activation/verification processes and bypass of potential WMI/client ID issues.
- Build number is now shown in status bar.
- Added detection code and proper handling of auto-fp loading from the PMDG 777 SP1 (when the user has selected "CREATE FILE (WX.PLN) or CREATE AND LOAD TO FSX" and "INCLUDE ALTERNATES" in the CDU options).
- Added Detailed SimConnect Configuration Steps chapter + SimConnect Troubleshooting chapter in Documentation.
- Added new Visual Fixes options and features to enable prevention of cloud pops and overcast patterns.
- Added new Canadian weather station visibility handling related to "metar maximum vis" which uses 9 or 15 (instead of 10) when Canadian (CY prefix station) and depending on if station is AUTO type or not.
- Manual Wx Configuration improvements: New global apply button added. Notice added: "Press Apply to activate your changes!" when edits have been made and are not yet applied. "Weather successfully applied" notice added after application. Max application range changed from 999 miles to 9999 miles. Default application range changed from 10 to 100 miles.
- Added turbulence scale slider option. This option affects all turbulence types an intensities, and is a general scale for user adjustment. Default 70 (realism mode) or 50 (easy mode).
- Added Wing Fade Effect option, allowing user to specify if wing fade effect should be enabled. Default on. When enabled, occasional light haze in the cockpit may be experienced depending on aircraft, when in zero visibility.
- Added option "Enable wind shear alert without gauge" to allow PWS alerts regardless of xgauge status.
- Added turbulence related to wind speed gusts.
- Added new sigmet/airmet turbulence/icing variability, so that it doesn't affect the entire defined area, but only variable sections within the defined area.
- Added gradual reduction of turbulence intensity close to the ground (vs complete elimination within 50ft).
- Added METAR information in conditions reports when ATC wind lock active, to avoid confusion.
- Added option for in-cloud vis reduction. Default on.
- Added toolstrip menu item "View Welcome Page" to go back to welcome page at any time.
- Added new TOC OAT item in briefing text.
- Added ambient icing accumulation when in freezing rain/snow (when below the cloud).
- Added additional tropical thunderstorm variations.
- Added new option in Flight Plan screen to include surface layers in briefing averages calculations or not.
- Added new feature/option "Enhanced haze simulation" which provides for a haze layer effect when no other clouds are present, and visibility is marginal (between 3 and 9SM). Default off. See user guide for more information.
- Added new configurable hotkey for weather request menu (under General options).
- Added new option "High detail thunderstorm clouds" which enhances visuals, radar returns and apparent height of thunderstorm cloud depiction, at the expense of potential reduced performance and METAR->Visual cloud base/type/coverage adherence. See user guide for more information. Default off.

Database Updates (you will need to reset/refresh your database via Tools/Edit Station Database to see these changes):
- Fixed wrong location for EPLB airport, and added EPLB as wx station
- Added OTHH to airport database and server wx station database
- Added SEQM to airport and wx station database
- Added EGEO to airport database
- Fixed erroneous location of KEDW in airport database
- KVLL airport added to database
- FALE airport added to database
- FYRN airport added to database
- FLHN airport added to database
- Indonesian airports (related to changed IDs) added to airport database: WITN, WIDD, WIDN, WIDS, WIPK, WIOD, WICT, WICB, WIHH, WICC, WAOI, WARS, WIHL, WARJ, WARQ, WARI, WAOP, WAON, WAOO, WARR, WARA, WADA, WALR, WALS, WALL, WADB, WAWW, WATG, WADW, WATC, WATT, WADD

- Fixed issue when using sim time mode, if sim time was set into future, download failures would ensue (now it limits simtime/active time to current user's clock GTM time so it cannot go into future, similar to historical mode)
- Adjusted server rankings process slightly per load analysis, for more equal load distribution
- Fixed an issue where switching to manual mode (or clicking "Apply"), didn't clear any previously created wind shear objects
- Fixed the fsx minimized-> radar frozen issue
- Adjusted the reprocess code in flight plan to recalculate the waypoint etas - Previously changing e.g. the speed clicking refresh would not reset them
- Fixed cause of possible null ref exception when vatsim is used and the download for some reason fails - Now it logs the result but does not crash ASN
- Fixed a possible null ref exception on initial station data file download
- Fixed a problem related to METAR QNH and dewpoints being in improper format which could lead to interpolation issues
- Adjusted hail volume for more reasonable levels
- Fixed super-large ASN icon problem when using Windows Audio Mixer window
- Fixed problem with potential "issue with add-on" message and error during FS startup
- Fixed issue related to downloading historical weather prior to June 2013 which could result in repetitive download failures
- Fixed issue where dates set prior to 2010 could cause ASN crashes (now limited to 2010 or later)
- Fixed potential crash when changing download time interval in settings
- Fixed problem with download failures in historical or sim time modes depending on time set - please be sure that your active date/time when using Sim Time is set within the past 3 years, and not later than real time, or your active time will be reset to within the available limits
- Altered some briefing/UI text for proper and consistent capitalization and convention
- Altered text in briefing regarding Head wind (now listed as Head wind component to avoid confusion, as negative value indicates a tailwind)
- Fixed a potential crash related to Audio
- Fixed a crash when creating a test microburst and no valid aircraft position pre8:33 PM 8/4/2014sent
- Fixed a potential crash in Conditions screen
- Fixed a potential crash related to visibility smoothing
- Fixed a potential crash in manual wx configuration
- Fixed an issue where ASN crashed if network connection is lost and the theme file copy fails
- Fixed a crash when setting the sim time to a value prior to 1/1/2010
- Fixed a cause of possible null ref exception related to cell weather data
- Fixed several issues, where if vatsim data download fails, ASN crashes
- Fixed a potential crash related to radar data
- Fixed a potential crash related to user options
- Fixed a crash in wx configuration when cloudbase/thickness might exceed the limits
- Fixed a cause related to flightplan navlog calculations
- Fixed a crash related to Navigator form shutting down
- Fixed an issue in a networked configuration where path settings may not stay as previously set
- Fixed a crash related to server/client machine going to sleep and subsequently waking while FSX/ASN connected
- Fixed a potential error related to surface wind interpolation
- Adjusted cirrus generation for more realistic results
- Fixed problem where METAR-specified overcast cirrus (i.e. OVC250) could cause black square depiction issue
- Adjust cirrus generation so that cirrus is not added if existing cloud tops exceed 24000MSL (otherwise sometimes some strange looking cirrus/cumulus/stratus intersection could occur)
- Changed default upper maximum visibility to 100 miles (vs 150)
- Fixed issue where Runway Friction elements in METAR may be confused for RVR information
- Adjusted shader cache reset to only affect "Misc" category shader files, to prevent potential issues when using other shader mods
- Adjusted appdata folder check to not require any specific files for validity (which could cause some Appdata folder selection problems)
- Fixed a potential crash related to user presets in settings screen
- Fixed an issue causing a "File in use" crash when the user selected "FSXOptions.cfg" as the file name as a user preset
- Fixed an issue where cloud turbulence might exceed the calculated max filtered altitude
- Fixed an issue where user defined cat turbulence at the top wind layer might persist up to 100K.
- Fixed an issue where not correct values for lat/lon in station editor (e.g. +120 for lat) might crash ASN
- Fixed ATC Wind Lock handling
- Fixed issue where manually set wind turbulence levels might not be properly respected in actual depiction
- Fixed issue where manually set cloud turbulence levels might not be properly respected in actual depiction
- Adjusted sky conditions text in conditions screen: when foggy/hazy + snow, rain, showers or hail conditions exist, the precip now has priority instead of fog/haze
- Fixed an issue where hurricanes may be duplicated
- Adjusted "active hurricanes" list in welcome screen - now only one is shown (with "+n more, use search for details" message when appropriate)
- Adjusted hurricane simulation to include grid data weather for temperatures and winds when appropriate - prevents potential shift issues flying near hurricanes
- Fixed issue where detailed radar/clouds data may not update when aircraft is > 1000kts ground speed
- Adjusted "Wrong format of radar data packet error", to now show as "Radar data paused/reset", as this message is normal when using UI functions within the sim
- Fixed issue where stratus clouds might be depicted above cumulus clouds, causing intersection and pattern issues
- Fixed a potential crash issue related to certain data conditions and certain stations after approximately 2 hours of flight or when changing historical weather times or weather modes
- Fixed problem in International Sigmet lat/lon parsing where incorrectly formatted longitudes with a missing leading 0 could result in improper longitude values and invalid sigmet area depicted
- Adjusted visibility calculations with "Auto Adjust Upper Visibility" feature to prevent extremely low visibilities at altitude even when user has set maximum surface visibility to extremely low values
- Adjusted visibility calculations with "Auto Adjust Upper Visibility" to increase visibility substantially when at high altitudes, especially above 40,000ft, regardless of stability/seasonal computations
- Resolved DNS issue which could result in failed activation or pirep downloads/posts
- Changed default option for Enhanced turbulence to Off vs. On (as the effect of rotational commands may cause control lag issues on various aircraft especially light airplanes and helicopters)
- Fixed missing "Enhanced haze simulation" option in settings
- Fixed an issue where wind shear objects might be created for forecast weather (e.g. weather at ETA at destination)
- Fixed an issue where parsing of TAF string might lead to extreme temperatures - Now, temps are also validated to not exceed 60 in any case
- Removed the chance of wind speed induced turbulence above 14000 feet (and gradually decrease from 0-->14000 feet)
- Altered CAT to reduce a bit if above water
- Moved cirrus clouds to 38000+ when cu/cbs exist in the same cell (reduces change of cirrus intersecting with other cloud layers)
- Fixed potential ASN crash during theme build
- Adjusted wind speed influenced CAT only give light turbulence
- Attempted to fix potential "Wx theme could not be loaded" simulator error
- Fixed issue related to ASN/CumulusX interaction where FSX could crash on exit
- Fixed an issue that could result in "Cannot load weather theme" errors in FSX
- Adjusted uninstall process: removal of ASN Path/License related registry keys now done during uninstall if user checks "Delete saved data"
- Fixed issue where manual wx configuration aloft winds adjustments may not properly effect interpolated winds experienced
- Attempted fix to solve potential non-responsive ASN client application during manual wx saves
- Fixed issue with vertical air movement in cloud turbulence
- Fixed issue with vertical air movement close to the surface (under 500 agl) where strong updrafts/downdrafts might be encountered when turbulence exists, causing excessive floating or the opposite
- Fixed precipitation block issue when using other add-ons
- Fixed issue with radar data not showing up when ND > CDD range
- Made ASN not crash when loading a corrupt saved or downloaded wx file. Now it goes to live mode, or on loading shows a message
- Fixed a problem with corrupting data while saving manual weather to the disk which could cause crash on next ASN startup
- Fixed an issue where light turbulence may persist when the aircraft is on ground causing some aircraft to behave strangely (now turbulence on ground is always prevented, but starts immediately off the ground)
- Fixed an issue where departure airport would not be considered when filtering updrafts and downdrafts (causing excessive vertical air movement)
- Fixed a potential crash when using older archived data
- Adjusted cirrus handling to minimize doubled/mirrored cirrus and other cirrus drawing anomolies in some cases
- Fixed potential crash related to changing user options during initialization
- Added logging/message when any SimConnect variant cannot be properly initialized (indicating missing SimConnect managed client installation)
- Fixed potential issue related to radar data communications that would be triggered by closing/restarting the simulator
- Fixed potential issue during activation that could result in download failures and situation where ASN would start, buttons would not be active, and application would shut down automatically after approximately 1 minute
- Several additional minor miscellaneous fixes and adjustments based on error reports and user feedback

Página para download

Fonte: HiFi forum

Placa mãe: Gigabyte GA-970A-DS3P   Processador: AMD FX(tm)-8300 8 Cores   Memória Ram: 16 GB DDR3 1333 MHz   Disco rígido Western Digital 1 Tb   Placa de vídeo: Nvidia 1050 Ti 4096 Gb    Monitor: LG 24M38H-B 24" Led  Sistema Operacional: Arch Linux  Joystick: Logitech Extreme 3D Pro

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Atualização para o Active Sky Next SP1 liberada Empty Re: Atualização para o Active Sky Next SP1 liberada

Mensagem por Douglas.Matos Qui 09 Out 2014, 07:47

Lembrando que para a instalação do mesmo não é preciso remover o antigo thumbsup

Muito obrigado Fontenele, baixei aqui já só falta testar hahaha thumbsup


Inscrito em : 17/01/2013
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Atualização para o Active Sky Next SP1 liberada Empty Re: Atualização para o Active Sky Next SP1 liberada

Mensagem por Daniel batista Qui 09 Out 2014, 08:14

Obrigado por avisar amigo, recebi a informação por email da SimMarket, quando chegar em casa vou testar thumbsup


Atualização para o Active Sky Next SP1 liberada Vpa272
Daniel batista
Daniel batista

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Atualização para o Active Sky Next SP1 liberada Empty Re: Atualização para o Active Sky Next SP1 liberada

Mensagem por Fontenele Qui 09 Out 2014, 08:28

Abraços a vocês Douglas e Daniel!

Lembrando que as licenças trial foram resetadas, tendo usado ou não, se vocês quiserem testar o software e as novidades gratuitamente por sete dias, é possível. Façam o teste e vejam que vale o investimento.


Placa mãe: Gigabyte GA-970A-DS3P   Processador: AMD FX(tm)-8300 8 Cores   Memória Ram: 16 GB DDR3 1333 MHz   Disco rígido Western Digital 1 Tb   Placa de vídeo: Nvidia 1050 Ti 4096 Gb    Monitor: LG 24M38H-B 24" Led  Sistema Operacional: Arch Linux  Joystick: Logitech Extreme 3D Pro

Inscrito em : 22/07/2011
Mensagens : 1775
Reputação : 234
Idade : 49
Simulador preferido : X-Plane 11
Emprego/lazer : Técnico em Informática
Nacionalidade : Brasil

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Atualização para o Active Sky Next SP1 liberada Empty Re: Atualização para o Active Sky Next SP1 liberada

Mensagem por HighTechGG Qui 09 Out 2014, 13:47

Testei a demo, mas quando há muitas camadas de nuvens, fica uma linha reta entre elas, não tem aquela transição suave. E quando as nuvens estão abaixo das montanhas, fica muito reto o teto da nuvem, ficando uma aparência estranha. Caso alguém souber como resolver isso, agradeço, pois estou querendo comprar este add-on.

FSX - FSX SE - FSW - FS2020
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Sapphire HD 7970 OC 3GB -  04/04/13 - Morta 18/01/2021 - Substituta - PCYES - RX 580 8GB - Seventeam 850W
Boot Triplo - 2 Win7 64Bits SP1 Ultimate + Win10 Pro 64Bits - 16GB Corsair1600 CL9
8 TB + SSD 500GB 970 EVO M.2 + 3 TB  SSD Sata
Backup=10 TB + 3 Gavetas Hot-Swap
3 Monitores LED 23 LG / Resolução 6048x1080 - + 1 LG 43 Pol.
2 Joystick Logitech Force 3D PRO - HT Philips 5.1 770W 3D HTS3564/78
Saitek Pro Flight Yoke System, 2 Throttle Quadrant, Switch Panel, Radio Panel
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Acer Aspire VX-5 i5 7300HQ - 16GB Ram - 6 TB HDs + 1 TB SSD Samsung M.2 e 3 TB SSD Sata 860

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Atualização para o Active Sky Next SP1 liberada Empty Re: Atualização para o Active Sky Next SP1 liberada

Mensagem por Conteúdo patrocinado

Conteúdo patrocinado

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