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PMDG 777 SP1 e -300ER em julho. Gse_multipart13851

PMDG 777 SP1 e -300ER em julho.

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PMDG 777 SP1 e -300ER em julho. Empty PMDG 777 SP1 e -300ER em julho.

Mensagem por claudiofalcao Qui 19 Jun 2014, 11:46

Oba pessoal! Parece que temos boas notícias.
Não sei se já foi postado algo sobre essa matéria. Se não foi, aí vai:
Segue o que vi no Simflight de hoje (19/06), e o que está no fórum da PMDG (na AVSIM).




This update will give you a broad swath of information on a couple of different topics.  This update will be necessarily brief- but it will cover a range of topics and give you as much information as we are able to give you at this time!

PMDG 777-200LR/F - SP1 Wrap-up:

As previously mentioned, we have been letting the beta team "burn in" the current version of the SP1.  Thus far it has gone very well- and they are finding a few little tiny detail items that we are able to resolve pretty quickly.  We are through with major adjustments, and just tying down some small details and prepping the update for release.

Release scheduling is underway but we have run up against a few challenges and I will discuss a bit later in this update.

PMDG 777-300ER Expansion:

We are very late in testing with the PMDG 777-300ER, and this has gone exceedingly well.  The beta testers are resoundingly happy with the addition of the 300ER, and the new and completely different flying qualities that it brings to the 777 product line.  As of this moment we are tying down a few loose ends (mostly of the "oops, that was dumb!" variety) and prepping the product for release.

Release scheduling is underway but we have run up against a few challenges and I will discuss a bit later in this update.

Release Plan for SP1 and 300ER:

SP1 will be a required update for all users.  The SP1 update will be available by download and at no cost to users.  It will add a ton of functionality, and clean up a bunch of the rough spots on the RTM version of the 777.  Further, it will be required prior to installation of the 300ER.

The 300ER pricing will be set shortly, but it is expected to be in line with the way we have priced the expansion of the PMDG 737NGX product line expansions...

We were planning to release both products during the course of the coming weekend, but unfortunately this plan had to be shelved because I will be out of circulation due to surgery to fix an ongoing infection that has had me hospitalized numerous times during the past three months.  I do not wish to go into much detail, I have been informed that I should expect to be out of the office for a period of time and that recovery will be slow.  As a result, we are planning for the first half of July as the current release window for the SP1 and 300ER.

If things go well and we can release sooner- we will.

I apologize for the inconvenient timing- but while I have tried for months to keep pushing this thing off to get us through the release, the doctors are saying "we have to do this now" so...   Off we go.  :blink:

P3D Planning for the 777:

We have made some progress with regard to licensing that will allow us to release the PMDG 777-200LR/F product line for P3D.  We do have some work to do, (and a pretty significant licensing bill to pay) in order to make this happen.  Currently we do not have an ETA but I anticipate it will happen before the end of 2014.  We are hoping to add the NGX to that same license agreement.

Anyone interested in P3D as their simming platform should understand that licensing for our products on P3D will be significantly different than it is for FSX- and this is just a fact of life.  We will not be making a cross-platform license- you will have to purchase a license specific to P3D, and it will be more expensive than the entertainment license available on FSX.

We haven't set pricing yet (we are still negotiating our licensing costs on the back end...) but once we do- we will pass that information along.

PMDG Development for Xplane:

We are nearing completion on our first project for Xplane!  As we have previously mentioned, this project is designed to be a development catalyst to help us learn how to work with that platform more effectively- and it has been a great exercise thus far.

We will be unveiling the project sometime in the next 60 days (estimated) and we will also announce the second project for Xplane at that time...

PMDG DC-6 Update:

The DC-6 development process has been stalled a bit- as we have had all hands focused on the 777 SP1.  Of course, the SP1 took 10x longer than we thought it would- and this means most of those same developers are headed over to the 744v2.0...  This being the case, we have expanded the development team slightly in order to un-stick the DC-6.  We should have more information on this in the month ahead!

In the meantime, we are happy to announce that Alexander Metzger will be Guest Starring on the PMDG DC-6 development team- and we are happy to have him working with us on this great, historic airliner!

PMDG Forum Moderator and Technical Support Expansion:

During the past three years, we have experienced unprecedented growth of our customer base at PMDG.  Obviously- this speaks to the strength and enthusiasm of the simming community for our products- and we cannot thank you enough for your vote of confidence in our products.

This growth has taken place over time, and I don't think many folks will disagree with me that there are times when we (PMDG) seem a bit overwhelmed and slow to communicate with you via this forum or tech support.

The reality is that we have more developers on the team than at any time in PMDG's history, we have more projects underway than at any time in PMDG's history, we are working across more platforms than at any time in PMDG's history, and there are more customers needing attention than at any time in PMDG's history.


Well...  Maybe.

The fact is that this growth has taken place slowly- and as a result the changes have taken place slowly as well- but during the past three years we have been having a harder and harder time being proactive in the forum and via support.

To fix this, we are going to be adding some new moderators to the forum- and we are going to be doubling the size of our technical support team.  We have already identified the individuals that will be joining the team- and we are currently laying out the process by which we will bring them on board.  The goal is that we should be able to get back to providing more regular updates, faster response times, and a better overall interaction with you here and via the support portal!

Now- with this increased level of attention will come some changes that are going to seem pretty stark to some users.  We are going to be putting a significant amount of attention on individual behaviors in this forum, and we will be making a formal restatement of the rules for participation in the PMDG forum.

In the past, we have had a handful of moderators available to remove unsigned posts, politely enforce the rules, and dial in on folks who are abusive to other users in the forum.  As we have all become busier, fewer and fewer of the development team has had time left over to participate here- and thus a greater number of folks are getting away with abusive behavior or violations of the forum rules.  This of course causes other users to become emboldened, and the end result is that this forum no longer feels like the friendly, simmer-focused place it once was.  (Google:  Broken Window Theory)

We will be working to reverse that trend with polite but firm control of the discussion in this forum to make certain that it remains respectful and open to all.  Brace yourselves for the folks who will scream and cry that we won't let them criticize us in the forum- this is the standard response to moderation efforts and is usually heard from folks who have decided they don't like the rules and cannot find a way to be critical without being rude or abusive.  Those folks will be politely escorted out so that the rest of us can enjoy the company of others...

We will give you more details on this process as it takes place- and we look forward to being able to be a bit more engaged with you like we used to a few years ago.

All of this growth is a good thing- since it means more products and choices for folks who like highly detailed airliner simulation!

Thanks again for your support over the years- I'll be back shortly- and we'll get this SP1 into your hands.

Tem também a lista de liveries:

Here's what's currently done and uploaded into the OC as of 18JUN14:

Abu Dhabi Amiri Flight


Air Austral

Air Canada

Air China

Air France

Air France (SKYTEAM)

Air India

Air New Zealand
Air New Zealand (All Blacks)

Air New Zealand (Hobbit Jet)
Air New Zealand (OC)
Air New Zealand (Smaug)

All Nippon Airways

American Airlines

Biman Bangladesh Airlines

British Airways

Cathay Pacific Airways
Cathay Pacific Airways (Asia's World City)

China Southern



Emirates (1000th 777)

Ethiopian Airlines

Etihad Airways


Garuda Indonesia

Japan Airlines

Jet Airways

Kenya Airways
KLM Royal Dutch Airlines
KLM Royal Dutch Airlines (SKYTEAM)
KLM Asia

Korean Air

Pakistan International Airlines - PIA

Philippine Airlines

Qatar Airways
Saudi Arabian Airlines

Singapore Airlines

TAAG Angola Airlines
TAM Linhas Aereas
Thai Airways
Turkish Airlines

Virgin Australia

A few more are in the works including Cathay Pacific Airways (The Spirit of Hong Kong) which is a major pain due to all the little details. One of the tech team members already painted the Emirates (2014 World Cup Pele) livery too, so that'll be the first community 300ER repaint I think.

There will be no fictional 300ER liveries from us since there are so many real world operators - we'll let the repaint community take care of that after release.

Bem, o 777-200LR SP1 e o 300ER poderão ser lançados em julho!!!
Beleza!!! Vou poder comprar e pagar o 777 antes de ficar desempregado!  lol thumbsup 


PS: moderação, solicito transferir esse tópico para a seção do Flight Simulator X. Grato.

Última edição por claudiofalcao em Sáb 21 Jun 2014, 19:33, editado 1 vez(es)

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PMDG 777 SP1 e -300ER em julho. Empty Re: PMDG 777 SP1 e -300ER em julho.

Mensagem por mahmatias Qui 19 Jun 2014, 23:18

Eu estou mais interessado em saber sobre o tutorial 2! hehe

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