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Update BAe Jetstream 32 Gse_multipart13851

Update BAe Jetstream 32

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Update BAe Jetstream 32 Empty Update BAe Jetstream 32

Mensagem por Walter Rodrigues Seg 24 Dez 2012, 12:24

Hello, Walter,

X-Aviation and JRollon are proud to announce we have released a FREE update for the BAe Jetstream 32. This update will bring your BAe Jetstream 32 up to version 1.01. This update applies to anyone who has purchased the BAe Jetstream 32 and currently has it installed! You can install this update over any version of a currently installed BAe Jetstream 32, or as a fresh install if you do not have it currently installed.

***VERY IMPORTANT*** We have received a lot of complaints from customers who believe their Jetstream 32 was not working correctly because their joysticks were not working. It is very important you read the manual, as this is intentional until you go through the proper setup on the aircraft! Please consult page 48 of the manual where you'll find red text with an explanation on this and what you need to do! It is NOT a bug!

NOTE: You may install this update over your current installation. Please note it will NOT delete your add-on paints/liveries!

Installation and download instructions:

1. Go to your X-Aviation order page here: https://www.x-aviation.com/catalog/account_history.php (You may need to login).

2. Find your past order history invoice containing your BAe Jetstream 32 order and click the magnifying glass icon next to it.

3. At the bottom of the invoice you'll find a download link for your BAe Jetstream 32 update. It will be highlighted in blue text that says: "BAe Jetstream 32".

4. Follow the prompts in the installer and enjoy your freshly upgraded BAe Jetstream 32!

The following is a list of what has been updated since the release of the BAe Jetstream 32 1.0, and is included in this update:

NEW! - Nine new liveries now included. They are:

1. Aeropelican

2. Blue Islands

3. British Airways

4. Coast Air

5. Experimental

6. Macair Jet

7. Bare Metal

8. Trans World Express (TWE)

9. US Airways Express



1. Condition levers now are in the down position at the beginning of a flight when starting with engines stopped.

2. Deleted assignment of prop axis in joystick settings. Remember, always exit X-Plane after using the Jetstream 32. Load another plane or stop the plugin in the plugins menu to ensure you don't loose your settings.

3. Props no longer feather when stopped or at lower condition lever positions.

4. Condition levers in taxi position no longer cause prop feathering.

5. Servos no longer come on automatically when selecting autopilot mode. They now have to be selected with the autopilot button on the main front panel.

6. Added button manipulators for the flight directors to switch them off.

7. Made slight adjustments to stick pusher.

8. Slight refinements to the autopilot and flight dynamics.

9. Lowered the illumination level of the cabin lighting and its effect in the cockpit.

10. Modified the fast change between functions in the GPS and DME sel button. Now, one change per button click.

11. Fixed swap between Nav and COM frequencies in GPS, and correct tuning of them through the GPS knobs.

12. Fixed transponder codes to limit to the number '7'.

13. Added the horn annunciator, but X-Plane repeats the horn even if muted. This is a bug in X-Plane.

14. Now the yoke menus don't turn black when instrument lights are off.

15. GPS, radios, numeric displays and radar are now visible without instrument lighting toned down.

16. Flight Director adjustments to perform as it should.

17. Added reflection to the front clocks at night when flood light is on. Also corrected copilot illumination when flood is on.

18. Fixed graphical artifact in the fog formation on some windows.

19. Included paint kit files to make custom liveries. Distribution of selfmade liveries are allowed for free, but selling files is not permitted.

20. Fixed the on/off switch for the GPS in X-Plane 10.

21. Fixed ACT label on ADF radios.

Thanks for choosing X-Aviation as your provider for high quality X-Plane add-ons!

Best Regards,

Visit http://www.x-pilot.com for discussions and previews of the BAe Jetstream 32 and future update news!

Walter Rodrigues
Walter Rodrigues

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Update BAe Jetstream 32 Empty Re: Update BAe Jetstream 32

Mensagem por GustavoGermano Seg 24 Dez 2012, 12:54

Valeu pela informação. thumbsup


Inscrito em : 30/12/2011
Mensagens : 449
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Idade : 46
Simulador preferido : FSX, P3D, XP-10
Nacionalidade : Brasil

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