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X-Plane 10.10 beta 8 Gse_multipart13851

X-Plane 10.10 beta 8

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X-Plane 10.10 beta 8 Empty X-Plane 10.10 beta 8

Mensagem por Ghost em Dom 12 Ago 2012, 10:00

Nova atualização, preparem seus atualizadores.

X-Plane 10.10 Beta 8

This is a recut of beta 7 that fixes Plane-Make crashing on startup on Windows.
Quick-Look now supports our new 2D panel scrolling
Quick-Flight is now under the file menu
Major revisions to the Baron and Kingair
Global scenery terrain regions tuned.
Added "TEXTURE_CONTROL_NOWRAP" to correspond to TEXTURE_CONTROL. This is needed to make orthophoto pol files with decals.
10.10 beta 6 attempted to mark older cockpit objects as 'glass'. This seemed like a clever way to make HDR work but actually breaks more aircraft than it helps. This change has been removed for beta 7. As a result, the CRJ and other aircraft that use the panel texture as a window will not show clouds correctly in HDR mode. These aircraft will need an update to work with HDR enabled, but will work correctly with HDR disabled. X-Plane cannot guess-and-auto-update these aircraft for HDR.
The cockpit now contains most of the same options in Plane-Maker as the attached objects.
Invalid use of ATTR_cockpit is now detected and logged.
Bug Fixes:
Fixed crash on Windows with facades with empty meshes. This fixes the crash using the "Classic 3" airport facade.
Added support for some out-of-spec PFC Yokes
Fixes to solve some strange button behavior on various joysticks (ie. Cyborg Evo)
Fixed bus_load_amps dataref to read proper value
Landing lights accurately reflect their load on electrical busses now.
G430,G1000 and Avidyne instruments now work with panel regions.
Fixed some cases where water fog looks funny - there are still some bugs with water and fog.
Fixed black line when shadows on "Melt your GPU" with NV cards.
Fixed missing cockpit objects in Chinook and other older-style planes.
Fixed missing transponder on P32R and other panels that mix translucency and panels.
Fixed intermittent drawing of airports in sectional map.
Fixed plugin glue code: XPLMNavAid can find stand-alone DMEs.
Fixed incorrect culling of trees when forest exclusion zones go outside a DSF boundary.
Moved power tower wires to a later drawing group to avoid artifacts.
Fixed world being very dark for the first few frames in HDR mode.
Other tweaks:
if you ask to start on the ramp under operations and warnings, then the quick-flight screen honors that
real-weather should grab dew-point to display in ATIS reports, which is kind of nice.
supersonic model for bodies over-hauled a bit... should be more realistic now (the supersonic model for the wings should remain un-changed)

I5-750 2.66ghz, 4gb ram, w7, Geforce GTX470 1.2gb


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X-Plane 10.10 beta 8 Empty Re: X-Plane 10.10 beta 8

Mensagem por SABACH em Dom 12 Ago 2012, 15:33

Não se baseiem na qualidade gráfica, pois estou sem VGA ainda, só que eu notei um aumento de FPS absurdo depois deste beta 8, eu não vou sair deste beta, é nele que fico, pois antes nas mesmas condições marcava 07, 09 FPS, um aumento de quase 100% (eu não sou bom em porcentagens) Alguém reporta este aumento absurdo nos frames? happy

X-Plane 10.10 beta 8 B7172

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Emprego/lazer : Hammond e piano (músico)
Nacionalidade : Brasil


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