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Lançamento  146-200 Jetliner JustFlight Gse_multipart13851

Lançamento 146-200 Jetliner JustFlight

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Lançamento  146-200 Jetliner JustFlight Empty Lançamento 146-200 Jetliner JustFlight

Mensagem por mancini Qua 01 Ago 2012, 11:07

Short haul – high density! With its high T-tail, stubby undercarriage, drooping anhedral wing, four engines and highly distinctive butterfly-style air brakes, you can't mistake the 146-200!

The 146-200 design was originally started by Hawker-Siddeley in the UK in 1973 and production started in 1983. Now Just Flight brings you the superb 146-200 for FSX featuring a highly detailed external model, 16 authentic airline liveries from around the globe, an extremely accurate virtual cockpit (VC) and even a cabin view.

A custom sound set uses sounds recorded from the real aircraft to reproduce perfectly the distinctive sounds of those four quiet engines that allow the real aircraft into noise-sensitive airports around the world.

With a great flight model and the powerful and unique speed brakes it’s time to practise your short runway landings!


BONUS! All owners of this 146-200 will get the 146-300 version FREE when it is released!


vídeo da aeronave


Preço: £24.99 / €30.95 / $37.99

i7 990x Extreme / Cooler H50 + 2 fans Akasa Apache / Rampage II Extreme / GTX690 4096MB 4GB / Kingston HyperX1600Mhz Triple channel / WD Velociraptor 300 GB 10.000 rpm /Thermaltake Toughpower 1000W /Thermaltake Xaser VI Full Tower / Mouse Sidewinder / Monitor Samsung T27A550 LED 27"

Inscrito em : 24/02/2011
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Idade : 40
Emprego/lazer : Atendente de Pista(GIG). Líder aviação
Nacionalidade : Brasil

http://Av. são gualter,366

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Lançamento  146-200 Jetliner JustFlight Empty Re: Lançamento 146-200 Jetliner JustFlight

Mensagem por flavioSSA Qua 01 Ago 2012, 11:28

Flavio - MSFS & P3D v4.5 - Win 11 Pro 64 - VV206
i912900KF 5.2ghz - ASUS TUFZ690 - AIO Cooler Master PL360 Flux Masterliquid - 32gb Kingston Fury DDR4 3600mhz - Asus RTX 2080 Super - AGON 32'' AG323FCXE 165mhz
MCP 737R 2015 Virtual Avionics - SSDs M2 2Tb+1Tb XPG - Minhas imagens do FS

Inscrito em : 04/09/2009
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Simulador preferido : MSFS/P3Dv4
Nacionalidade : Brasil

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