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Mensagem por julio.tux em Seg 06 Fev 2012, 19:44

Retirado de um post em um fórum da PMDG:

PMDG Development for XPlane:
As I mentioned in a previous post, we see PMDG developing on multiple platforms in the future. There are a number of business arguments for why this is a good idea- and it has been part of our long term strategic plan for about the past 18 months. As we transition between the NGX and the 777, we have decided that now is a good time to begin the process of developing our first project for the XPlane series.

I have seen/read a bunch of hyperbole on this topic of late- so I wanted to make very clear that yes, PMDG is going to develop a product for Xplane10. It is going to be a conversion of either the BAe JS4100, the NGX or the [secret project: censored].

We are in the process of evaluating which of these projects will be the conversion project- and while we respect that many folks will have opinions on this topic- I want to make clear that our criteria for this selection has everything to do with easing our own learning process, and allowing us to experiment with the new platform, and unit sales/customer desires are secondary and probably tertiary...

We have a fellow who has just joined the team who will be heading up this process for us. We will not be making any announcements about which project gets selected- just in case we change our mind and find it necessary to change direction once the conversion process has begun.

Once we know for certain that the conversion project is going to make it to completion- we'll let you know which airplane will be first to depart in the XPlane product line!

Personally I am quite excited about this process- as I find that Xplane has some features that absolutely tickle the developer in me. From a marketing perspective- Xplane gives me some concern- as any "healthy" platform for PMDG needs to have lots of scenery and airport designers at work- as well as "competing" designers because in order for PMDG to thrive in a marketplace- the marketplace itself needs to be thriving.

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Notícias PMDG Empty Re: Notícias PMDG

Mensagem por Alvega em Seg 06 Fev 2012, 21:55

Artur Santos
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Membro Fundador

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