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(Released) REX Environment Force Gse_multipart13851

(Released) REX Environment Force

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(Released) REX Environment Force Empty (Released) REX Environment Force

Mensagem por Rafael_FSX em Ter 30 Abr 2019, 18:13

A REX Simulations lançou hoje oficialmente o seu mais novo produto, REX Environment Force, compatível com P3D v4.4 e v4.5

O preço é de EUR 29.46 na simmarket
Para quem possui o REX Sky Force, o preço de upgrade é de EUR 26.51

Segue as features (em inglês):

Manage, Adjust or Automate – Everything!

Real-Time (on-the-fly) Dynamic Living Environment
Real-Time (on-the-fly) Advanced Shader Processor
Compatible with all other add-ons!
Optimized for REX 5 - Sky Force 3D

On The Fly Dynamic Living Environment and Atmospheric Utility

Includes live cloud and sky texture sync technology and our new real-time advanced shader processor and in-sim interface for live tweaking and saving capabilities.

Real-Time Environment Simulation Automation and Tweaking Flexibility
Enjoy instant, on the fly visual feedback, whether you are tweaking the sim to your liking or allowing Environment Force to automatically adjust the environment for you... all while the simulator is running.

Live in-sim environment shader tweaking
• A convenient and powerful in-sim shader tweaking utility is also provided with the ability to save your creations
• You can even use your other shader tools without the need to re-open your sim, as Environment Force recompiles shaders on the fly
• User-controlled cloud formation and dissipation control, cloud coloring, visibility and fog control, scene and cloud lighting, terrain shading, water appearance control, water, and terrain coloring, 3D clouds / cirrus clouds / sky texture sync

Living dynamic weather and smooth environment changes for all weather engines, including REX Sky Force 3D, Active Sky, Opus, FSGRW, FSXWX and REX Essential Overdrive.
• Witness weather smoothly change over time
• The world changes its atmospheric and terrain properties depending on weather
• Automatic cloud morphing, scene, and cloud lighting, environment shading, water control, 3D clouds / cirrus clouds / sky texture sync

New, Non-Destructive API
The API works on the simulator run time layer and does not change any of the core framework of the simulation.

Choose to Control or Automate
With Environment Force, you can now control the key weather and environment features in real-time, such as Cloud morphing, sky, and cloud coloring, sky and cloud texture swapping, visibility, water coloring and shader control, terrain and object coloring, and cloud / water / terrain / object / scene lighting. Or you can simply set it and forget it, with the
smoothing controls for all weather parameters AND weather engines.

Breaking the Paradigm
Accomplish a living environment controlled in real-time, on-the-fly giving instant visual feedback.

Different Modes of Operation
You can enjoy tweak-free operation known as Automation Mode. This mode allows Environment Force to automatically control and change key environment visuals on the fly, in real-time as dictated by real-world weather. Or adjust visual settings in real-time within the simulator via the in-sim mini UI modal window. Manual Mode will allow you to take control of
key environment elements and shape your environment to your liking. Adjust more visual settings in real-time within the sim via the in-sim mini UI modal window.

Living dynamic weather and environment changes for all weather
• Automatic or manual cloud manipulation and morphing
• Automatic or manual cloud morphing
• Automatic or manual cloud coloring
• Automatic fog smoothing
• Automatic or manual scene lighting
• Automatic or manual cloud lighting
• Automatic or manual environment shading control

In-sim mini user interface included for greater control of effects
• Automatic or manual water appearance control
• Automatic or manual environment coloring control
• Automatic or manual water and terrain coloring control
• Automatic or manual 3D cloud texture sync
• Automatic or manual cirrus cloud texture sync
• Automatic or manual sky texture sync
• Community-based cloud server to upload and share presets

Cloud Component
When using a real-time weather engine, this component provides more accurate properties to clouds as they dynamically transition on the fly.

Live Mode Automation
You can enjoy tweak-free operation known as Automation Mode. Customize to your liking.

Live, On The Fly Sky and Cloud Texture Sync
Load cloud and sky textures live on the fly or allow full automation dynamics. Requires Sky Force or Texture Direct. We are currently working on an API for use with other texture add-ons.

Smooth Weather System Transitions
With Environment Force you will be able to experience smooth weather system transitions with ALL weather engines as clouds and weather will smoothly transition in and out over time.

Tight Integration With REX Sky Force 3D
The Environment Force API integrates with REX Sky Force 3D. If you have Sky Force, Environment Force will utilize its weather features for the ultimate in smooth weather and visuals.

Environment and Weather Synchronization
With the power of two components from the Environment Force API, the environment will transition and respond to weather conditions live, on the fly. If the conditions become stormy, clouds change in structure as well as terrain coloring, sky colors, and water functions change in unison. In short, the flight simulator experience is no longer static... it lives!

Simconnect Independence and the Future
One of the major benefits of our new Environment Force API is that it's COMPLETELY independent of the often flawed Simconnect platform. Our new Environment Force API not only offers great performance, it also allows us to continually advance and broaden the API for future features.

Friendly and Easy to Use
Enjoy a friendly and easy to use, feature-packed application user interface.

Built-In Community Preset Sharing
On the fly preset sharing allows you to quickly get set up with your favorite tweaks from your friends or content creators. Select a preset while the sim is open, click INJECT and voila!

Environmental Life Technology
Currently, the weather and environment remain static, even with real-time weather engines. Environment Force now gives life to a stagnant experience, as the sky and clouds now morph and smoothly transition over time and are always changing in density, size and atmospheric coloring... all in real-time.

Plays Well With Others
Compatible with all-weather engines, texture/graphics, and shader add-ons out of the box.

Built-In Auto Update
The built-in auto-update technology allows REX Simulations to quickly, effectively and effortlessly deliver updates to our customers.

FONTE: FSElite e simMarket

Placa Mãe: ASUS ROG Maximus XI Hero (Wi-Fi) Z390, Processador: intel Core i9 9900k @5.0GHz, Memória RAM: Corsair Vengeance Pro RGB 32GB 3200MHZ, Placa de Vídeo: EVGA GTX 1070 SC (+OC), SSD: Corsair Force LX 128GB, SSD: 2x WD Green 240GB RAID 0, SSHD: Seagate 1TB, Fonte: Corsair AX860i, Watercooler: Corsair Hydro Series H150i Pro, SO: Windows 10 Pro x64, Case: Corsair Carbide Series Air 540.

Inscrito em : 12/08/2009
Mensagens : 597
Reputação : 14
Idade : 26
Simulador preferido : Prepar3D v4
Emprego/lazer : Publicitário
Nacionalidade : Brasil

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(Released) REX Environment Force Empty Re: (Released) REX Environment Force

Mensagem por enzoaugusto em Dom 05 Maio 2019, 13:52

Bom dia a todos, eu uso o ActiveSky com Active Sky Cloud Art, tenho o REX porem nao instalado, no meu caso nao vejo necessidade de comprar o REX5, mas vou continuar lendo sobre o produto, derrepente me convenço.

Enzo Augusto

My Hardware:

- Fonte: Cosair CX750 Bronze
- Motherboard: Asus Maximus X Formula
- RAM Memory: Kingston Hyper X Predator 32GB 3.200Mhz
- Processor: Intel 8ª geração I7-8086K 4.00 GHz/5.00 GHz
- Fan Cooler: Cool Master Hyper 212X
- Graphics Card: Asus Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 Ti 8gb Strix Gaming Advanced OC
- SSD 1: Kingston 240gb (Master "C:")
- SSD 2: Kingston 480gb (Only Prepar3D and Add´s "D:")
- Hard Disk: Seagate 1TB (Backups "E:")
- Monitor: Philips 272G, 27"/144Hz / 1ms Full HD with technology GSYNC (Nvidia)", Full HD, 144Hz, 1ms
- Headset: CoolerMaster Hyper X Cloud II

My Cockpit:

- Saitek Pro Flight Yoke System
- Saitek Pro Flight Throttle Quadrant
- Saitek Pro Flight Rudder Pedals
- Virtual Avionics MCP737-R (Mode Control Panel)

Inscrito em : 30/08/2014
Mensagens : 282
Reputação : 8
Idade : 41
Simulador preferido : Prepar3D V4
Nacionalidade : Brasil

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