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FTX Vector v. 1,20 lançado Gse_multipart13851

FTX Vector v. 1,20 lançado

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FTX Vector v. 1,20 lançado Empty FTX Vector v. 1,20 lançado

Mensagem por harmach em Ter 28 Out 2014, 12:14

The 1.20 update for FTX Global Vector is available for downloading.

Link: https://fullterrain.com/product/ftxgvector#updates

This is an incremental update so you will need to be patched up to 1.15 before installing this update.

Be warned, this is a very big update (5.31GB) due to the amount of new data for the US & Canada.

It is highly recommended that a download manager is used.

A complete list of fixes are on the download pages.

During the install process, there is a delay when the FTX Vector config runs some processes as well as the removal of redundant files. So please be patient during the install process and don't rush through the installer windows Smile
Head over to the Vector update page to get the download https://fullterrain.com/product/ftxgvector#updates

or the Support page https://fullterrain.com/support#FTX Global Product Range

Version 1.20
28th October 2014
This is an incremental patch, therefore FTX Vector 1.15 needs to be installed.
Complete new coastline, lakes, rivers, roads, railways, and power lines for Canada
Complete new coastline, lakes, and rivers for the US (incl. Puerto Rico)
A few fixes from OSM data contributors were included
Fixed a global issue with frozen waters which could cause performance problems
R00071 - Added missing docks around EGLC
R00076 - Laguna entry in Venice was closed by coastline; this is now fixed
R00078 - A corrupt watermass was fixed near EHAM
R00079 - A corrupt watermass was fixed near SPAP
R00081 - A corrupt watermass was fixed near N47.266 E5.629
R00083 - A green texture patch was fixed near N36.3 W114.4
R00085 - A corrupt watermass was fixed near N37.60 W5.65
R00086 - Lots of sunken rivers were fixed near Torino (LIMF)
R00087 - Lake Lucerne was updated to a more detailed version
R00088 - Fixed a coastline issue in Portugal near N39.5 W9°
R00090 - Added missing island at Gdansk (N54.3° E18.6°)
R00091 - Fixed missing parts of Loire and Rhone
R00092 - A corrupt watermass was fixed near N47.7 E3.7
R00093 - Fixed a road crossing Zagreb airport apron
R00096 - Lake "Durlassboden" (Austria) was added
R00099 - Wrong coastline and missing river near Lignagno (Italy) was fixed / added
R00100 - Fixed wrong beaches in Southern California
R00102 - Removed double bridges near KORF
R00103 - A corrupt watermass near Arkhangelsk was fixed
R00104 - A corrupt watermass near Bayonne was fixed
R00105 - A corrupt watermass at lake Siljan (Sweden) was fixed
R00106 - Added missing "Maschsee" in Hannover
R00110 - Added several river segments and islands near Bayonne
R00111 - Added missing parts of Salzach
R00113 - Missing island at lake Siljan (Sweden) was added
R00116 - A corrupt watermass was fixed at N42.291 E42.151
R00117 - A corrupt watermass was fixed at N42.178 E42.055
R00118 - Added missing reservoir "Ratscher"
R00119 - Added missing reservoir "Gepatsch"
R00120 - Added missing reservoir "Schlegels"
R00121 - Fixed corrupt watermass near N38.74 W9.09
R00122 - Added missing reservoir "Lago di Livigne"
R00123 - Added missing lake near EYKA
R00124 - Added missing island on which ESNN is located

Luiz Machado
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FTX Vector v. 1,20 lançado Empty Re: FTX Vector v. 1,20 lançado

Mensagem por skydive em Qua 29 Out 2014, 00:30

nosso brasil fica de fora até disso rsrs, mas tá valendo a orbx cada vez mais melhorando seus produtos thumbsup

Inscrito em : 09/07/2014
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